Here at The Pipette we strive to deliver quality science news articles that not only convey research findings but attempt to do so in a way that enlightens the reader.

In our modern world, more and more scientific achievement is highlighted in the standard social media outlet we see when we reach for our phones in the morning. Every day we are exposed to a plethora of scientific information typically delivered in a neatly wrapped headliner package, ranging from claims that cancer has been cured to probing the possibility of life on other planets. While many of these statement bare at least some truth, it is undeniable that we have entered an age of sensationalist media, where the reader is fed the headline and then sent on their way. Some of the more interesting pieces may be worthy of clicking to find out more, though we are typically greeted with face value extrapolation from a writer with no personal scientific experience.

Our mission is to take these nitty-gritty academic papers misrepresented in social media and reveal to you the findings, methods, analysis, and execution employed by scientists, from a scientist’s perspective. When you read an article from The Pipette, not only will you be given the real data-driven truth, but you’ll experience what it’s like to actually be in the lab uncovering the mysteries of our universe.

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